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Why Float?

Flotation therapy consists of three wonderful components, Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), Zero Gravity and Meditation.  When they are experienced together, there are some incredible (& what seems magical) benefits!  They may be during your float session only, or they may last for an extended period following your session.

The complex work of our body and mind is responsible for our healthy and happy lives. Floating offers an all-natural approach, which has been proven to help a wide variety of ailments, while promoting physical and mental well-being.

Although there are common experiences among clients, many also have unique responses to their physical and emotional needs. 



Research on relaxation shows the positive and dramatic effects on the human body, the addition of an anti gravity environment simply enhances the benefits. You will find deeper relaxation, allowing your body to recuperate faster and more thoroughly.


Flotation therapy has been successful in easing chronic pain, such as neck and back pain, and also helps with  misalignments of the spine. The therapy is also known to ease the pain from conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. When flotation therapy is used in conjunction with massage therapy and chiropractic care, you will experience prolonged relief and elimination of pain.


The body rests and recovers up to four times faster with flotation therapy. The Epsom salts draw out toxins and lactic acid from work outs allowing athletes to train harder then recover quicker, especially in conjunction with massage and chiropractic care.


Flotation therapy is shown to expedite the healing of sprained joints and broken bones, often healing twice as fast than those without the therapy.


Floating allows your muscles and joints to relax.  This increases blood flow and helps to quickly repair muscle tissues. Those who suffer from injuries and chronic pain benefit immensely.



Flotation therapy has tremendous effects on mental heath, as well. Your time in a float pod allows your mind to experience deep relaxation. 

Flotation therapy can be an effective intervention technique for drug and alcohol addictions, as well as smoking and overeating.  Floating increases endorphin production, helping to suppress withdrawal symptoms by focusing on positive habits and goals.  It has also been found to be highly effective in treating addictive behaviors by targeting complex behavioral issues.


Increased creativity

Improved sleep 

Feelings of euphoria

Relief of anxiety

Relief from PTSD symptoms

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