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A Guide to Floating

Booking A Float...

We look forward to welcoming you to our float center and making your visit comfortable and effortless. On the top right portion of your page you’ll find the “Book Online" button.  Click there to schedule your session.  You may also call 716.488.0123   

You should NOT float if you have...

  • Dyed your hair within the past 5-10 days, 30 days for red dye.  If the water runs clear and dye isn't found on your towel after your showers, then you should be okay to float!  Any questions, please contact your stylist.

  • Fresh spray tan

  • A new tattoo

  • Menstrual Cycle

  • Seizures

  • Diarrhea or Upset Stomach

  • Open Wounds

  • Skin Ulcers

  • Incontinence concerns

  • Low blood pressure

  • Kidney Disease

  • Communicable/Infectious Disorder

    *PLEASE consult with your physician if you have any questions or concerns.

Tips Prior to Floating...

We highly recommend the following:

  • Hydrate!  Drink plenty of water prior to your appointment. 

  • Avoid caffeine intake for 6 hours prior to your float to ensure your body can reach ultimate relaxation.

  • Avoid shaving the day of your float. Shaving can leave your skin fresh to be stung by the salt water.

  • If you like to listen to music while you float, prepare your favorite playlist for your phone or iPad.

  • Pack a small bag of cosmetics and hair supplies to help you reenter the world if you have places to go and people to see after your appointment.  A hair dryer is provided for your use in the restroom.

  • Last but definitely not least!  Come free of expectations of your float experience as no two floats are ever the same!

Arrival Time...

If it is your first time to FLOAT CHQ, we ask you arrive 15 minutes prior to your float so we can introduce ourselves, assure you have time to fill out a brief waiver and watch a short intro video.

For all repeat floaters, please be sure to arrive on time. Any time past your scheduled appointment will tap into your float time, and no one wants that!  We want you to get the full 60 minutes of relaxation.

Welcoming you...

Check in with our Float Facilitator at the reception desk. He/She will show you to your room, take you through the next steps, and answer any questions you have.

Embarking on your journey...

Plug your phone or tablet into the aux cable provided if you choose music or guided meditation. (iPhones & iPads require an adapter) Put in your earplugs and take a quick shower using the body wash and shampoo provided (NO Conditioner yet!). Hop into the pod, your well of creativity and relaxation (and for those can float in your birthday suit!).

After you float...

As your float comes to an end, the gentle spa jets will begin to wake you from your relaxation. Upon getting out of the tank you'll take another quick shower to rinse the salt off. You can use the conditioner now!

After changing back into your clothes, you can exit the pod room and return to the reception area to enjoy a cup of hot tea.

A hair dryer is available for your use in the private restroom.

Last but not least!  You will want to continue with hydration following your float.


Urination, defacation and other bodily fluids will result in a $500 damage fee.  

(And yes, we can tell!)  Please respect our equipment, time and investment.  

Robes are provided for a quick and easy exit to a private restroom. 

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