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Flotation Therapy

Experience whole body rejuvenation and unwind from the over-stimulation
of our modern world at Chautauqua County's first Float Center.
Relax the body, revive the mind, and restore the spirit in a calming and peaceful environment.


60 Minute

Allow your body to experience sensory deprivation inside one of our spacious float tanks.  You will enter deep relaxation while temperature, light and sound sensations are reduced.

Beautiful woman floating in tank filled with dense salt water used in meditation, therapy,

About FLOAT Chautauqua, Inc.

Cleanse Your Mind, Body & Soul

Located in beautiful Chautauqua County, FLOAT Chautauqua specializes in first-class flotation therapy. We aim to nurture each of our guests by providing state of the art sensory deprivation experiences. Creating a safe place for healing to occur, we use natural and pure Epsom salts and magnesium to nourish your body and soul. Schedule your next visit in a location where your well-being is top priority.


In Their Words

I am a USAF veteran, wife, and mother of 3. I have been floating for the last year and float at least once or twice a month. Initially, I was hesitant, as I am slightly claustrophobic and have anxiety and PTSD. So I wasn’t sure about being enclosed in a big pod, naked, and alone with my thoughts. However, through my healing journey, I have found it is important to try all types of activities and coping strategies that may help manage stress. Each time you go, it gets easier to relax. You can leave the lid of the pod open; I slightly left it open the first time. There are all different types of relaxation music that I love. I really felt like I was out in space and connected to the universe. You can concentrate on the music and breathing while letting thoughts come and go. That can be really hard for me most of the time! But each time I went, it was easier to get situated and relaxed. The last time I went I was so relaxed that I fell asleep! By trusting the process and continually going, you learn to calm your mind and body through the process. You feel so rejuvenated afterward! You may be leary, but trust the process, and you will also have many physical benefits beyond stress relief.

Jennifer, USAF Veteran ~ Jamestown, NY

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Hours of Operation

Come Unwind & Recharge With Us

Open Wednesday - Saturday from 10:00am to 8:00pm

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